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Subscription Licensing

We’ve curated a special label of our catalog to support the needs of web video and content creators. For all individuals, small video production companies, influencers and others who require non broadcast license for regular music use. Perfect for podcasts. We understand that it’s definitely not cool if all your videos have the same music. With our subscription you can have several tracks on a single video or a different track for every video. The power is yours.


Custom License for sync & Broadcast - PRimo

For all broadcast, games, film with theatrical distributions and all other uses not covered by our subscription license.

Our entire library is license-able under single track licensing. We also offer blanket licenses for clients who demonstrate a need for such a license


who we are

We are a boutique music publishing and licensing company with a focus on “not your typical library music , music”.

We offer our clients original music by hidden gems. Hit music instrumentals. Epic originals. theme music. in-store entertainment. brand new fresh songs for artists looking for new music.


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