Why Subscription Music Licensing

This summer we’re taking a leap and launching a music licensing service that will include a subscription model for music licensing.

As an amateur video producer, i came to understand that sometimes you want different music for different parts of your video. Or you want different music for each of your weekly or bi-weekly videos but the cost of either leasing or licensing individual pieces of music for each instance at broadcast prices can not always be justified. Especially when you’re just starting or growing your newly created channel. Having the ability to access more music for a flat rate brings more freedom and sparks creativity and incentivizes to create more videos with even cooler music each week. So you’ve got this brilliant idea to make this awesome video about the latest fashion and discuss each category and engross your viewers with some super dope visuals and music. You’ve got the clips, the shots, the script. Now all you need is the music. Or should i say the music (s) in different genres supporting each fashion style, season and say gender. Going out and shedding $45 on each individual piece of music in various genres for all 4 segments of your show can quickly add up. But you do it anyway because it makes your show better than your competitor even though you may not get the return from any shared ad revenue from Google. You’re playing the long game. You know the cooler your shows the better your chances at growing your audience and revenue potential. Now you have the music but there’s one problem. On one of them, the drums come in too soon or too hot. You wish you can reach out to the creator of the piece or the company to get a different version to fit your carefully edited video but can’t.


Now imagine a world where you can get, not only an edited version to fit your nicely shot video but can simply log in and pick a different song or instrumental that fits the segment. Additionally you get to pick cool songs and instrumentals that sound like your favorite song on your favorite streaming service; at least what you like right now because we all know that can change very quickly.

Your fans will love it!

That’s our vision of what Sead Publishing can do for you. Freedom to choose, request an edit and treat us like an extension your very fancy creative department.


Now for musicians.

As a musician, due to the ubiquity of music and the plethora of royalty free music sites offering individual licenses or sales for your music, the chances of getting predictable recurring sales are not as good as they were. Additionally many of those sites, take your music and park it on the shelves. Then they sell you release packages and other products to keep you paying while you make nothing. 6 Months later still nothing. You get discouraged but you know you have great music. You’ve spent countless hours creating, mixing, editing and mastering your masterpiece only for it to get lost in the haystack. I understand that because Ive been there.

Now imagine a world where you get to showcase your 3 best songs and you get to rotate them as you create better materials. Giving you the ability to do whatever with the others. Also, now you’re no longer competing with thousands of tracks but maybe dozens or just hundreds in your category in our licensing store. Each of your track that gets added to the subscription pool guarantees you a predictable recurring income. No matter how small or large, it’s predictable. You’re encouraged and you create better material. Now your tracks are getting attention and eventually getting licensed for broadcast projects or picked for the ever growing world of video games. Now, i admit that it’s not as easy getting those placements as you might think. But the right materials in the right hands can do some serious damage.

We are the right hands already causing serious damage.

I know what you’re saying. This sounds too simple or too good to be true. In a way it is but we’ve put together a system that allows us to make this possible. Our selection process for music included in the Sead Publishing catalog is tough. We pride ourselves in carrying the “not so typical library music”. We believe in strongly themed music. In instrumental music that sounds like the backing tracks to Taylor Swift or 2Chains’ current or next hit single. Remember when every song sounded different? Yeah, That’s our library. We have in our catalog the “coolest” traditional African music like what you heard in that National Geographic or Vice documentary that inspired you to make a video about African fashion; Perhaps just last week.

This, i believe warrants us some attention and makes us a destination for the cool, different, original and authentic. Together with our model that incorporates both traditional licensing and a subscription model, Sead Publishing has the potential of becoming one of the cool “kids on the block”.

If you’re a web video producer, vlogger or other small or individual video producer on YouTube, vimeo, Daily Motion, Wistia or similar platform, consider us as your own personal music department.

To join Sead Publishing as a contributor reach us at https://creators.seadpublishing.com/

For early access https://join.seadpublishing.com/