Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday words of wisdom - - - - Don't sign your life away. Go indie, for as long as you can, work with a company like ours (there are many great small ones) that value your work, your life and your mental health. Together with you the artists we can reshape all this. That's why we offer just one year. The exclusivity raises the value of your creative work. Everyone wants in. So you have to stand out. F#@* the formula. Make incredible music and stick with it. Get a great team you can trust with your life, even if it's only two people. But don't trust them with what thy can't handle. Hire experts. Only those who have your best interest in mind. Persevere. Add side money hustle.
Sooner or later the universe will reward you. Lastly learn to play chess, or learn about it - #musicindustry #musicpublishing seadpublishing.com