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How to create a Pro Quality Music Video and make it viral?

A video is the best medium that gives an identity to a musician or a band. The technicalities involved in making a video can be instrumental for an artist’s marketing and promotion.

A successful music video is the combination of technical knowledge and a clearly established artistic process. The genius director, David Fincher, is a good example in terms of mastery. He started his career making clips for artists like Sting (Englishman in New York), Madonna (Express yourself) and George Michael (Freedom). Now, he is regarded as one of the best directors ever. The reason? His ability to direct the finest videos.

The essential tool to film your sequences: the camera


You will obviously need to know the basic functions of the camcorder you will be using. There’s nothing better than reading the manual before starting.

A good shot will require some knowledge of the device and starting with the theory is often helpful.

A music video usually does not exceed more than 5 to 6 minutes, so I advise you to shoot short shots. Remember that the more sequences you have in the box, the more choices you will have in final editing.

When it comes to making a clip, it is better to bet on the repetition of sequences because even if it seems particularly good at the moment, the final rendering can sometimes be disappointing.

This diversity will help you have the choice for the same sequence by analyzing the details which have the best visual rendering.


Technical aspects of video production

After filming all of your sequences, transfer them to a computer to add effects and render the final file. A digital camcorder makes it easier for you to see your footage directly on your computer via a USB cable.

You can use your composition skills to add effects to the scenes shot. This technique allows you to insert additional flashes, animation and lighting effects. There are several programs you can use for composition such as Motion (Apple), Flame (Autodesk) or After Effects (Adobe).

The last technical step is the editing. You can use editing software if the duration of the clip does not exceed 5 minutes.

You will need to first import your video clips and your music into the editing software and then put your music on the timeline in the right order. Storyboard proves to be quite useful if editing requires a lot of details.

Check out the final rendered file, make sure the video time is exactly the same as your music, and you’re done! Just export it and move on.

Light Management is King!

Basic technical skills aside, if you really want quality results, be very attentive to the light management. The right location is as important as the right tools and its cannot be neglected. A projector is an ideal tool. If you don’t have one, go for LED lamps because they’re more or less the same type of lighting if highly powered.


If you’re shooting outdoors with artificial light, use a flag or a diffuser to manage shadows. If you’re going for natural light, the best time would be sunrise and sunset.


The scenes and script change everything!

Writing a script does not require any prior technical knowledge, but it is a major step in the creative process. A video without a powerful script is just a collection of meaningless pictures.

Find creative ideas by indulging in your music for a while on a loop. Start by noting your impressions, the atmosphere you are viewing, etc. If you’re on a tight budget you can bring in your friends or other members for the video.

Think of the locations before shooting. Plan ahead and go storyboard like they do in cinema. It allows you to create a story, sequence after sequence on a paper. That helps you remember every single one of them.

Take inspirations from others, but avoid copying anything – just a glance at a movie scene or a music video would do.


Tips and tricks for making viral videos

We live in a globalized world where we can find virtually anything with just an internet search. It’s a great challenge to stand out and reach the general public. Here we’ll talk all about viral videos, their costs, and different tricks and tips to actually do it.

It is important to remember that it is almost impossible to take any video and make it viral. It just doesn’t work that way. There are just a few exceptions, otherwise the audiovisual play requires a great deal of efforts. Here are some ways that could increase your chances of getting viral as a musician.

·      Tell a story and make it unique: You can’t just copy the idea of another musician. You should find your own story that relates to your potential listeners, the desired audience and the philosophy of your music.

·      Less is more: Be brief - brevity is synonymous with success when it comes to virality. We love quick watches because it’s instantaneous and it’s easy to share

·      You enter a soul through the eyes: The video needs a striking cover and title, a slogan, a phrase that defines it and that catches the user's attention. Don’t try to clickbait or deceive though – you don’t want to mess things up.

·      Impress and surprise the audience: It’s one of the secrets to make a music video viral. Make people excited, get their attention, impress and surprise them. Be unique, fun or emotional. Create a great message out of it.

Finally, make sure that your music video has all the qualities from the following checklist.

Accessibility - You must ask yourself if the video alone is capable of attracting new viewers without having seen any of your videos before

Collaboration - Is there an opportunity to work with another artist with a loyal audience?

Consistency - Is there an element in this video that occurs throughout all my videos?

Conversation - Does this video help me communicate with my fans? Will I look comfortable and authentic?

Discovery capability - Will my video appear in search results and be recommended as a related video?

Inspiration - Do I really want to make this video?

Interactivity - Does the video encourage the viewer to participate?

Orientation - Do you know who this video is for?

Shareable - Is the video good for sharing?

Sustainability - Do I have what it takes to continue doing this?


The only limit is imagination and creativity

There is no magic recipe. Success is not guaranteed even if you put these tips into practice. Experts who use their creativity and imagination take advantage of the exact moment when to launch a good video that captures the audience and gets shared.

The only limit is the imagination – your plans and the script will determine your luck with this.


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