Contributors FAQ - We’ve compiled a list of real questions, asked by real artists currently signed to us.

Q - Do i get any royalties from you?

All writer's share is yours. We wouldn't be selling your music like a record label would. Eliminating the need for us to collect other royalties. We add your music to the PRO and collect just the publisher's share.

Q - What percentage do i get? What about back-end royalties?

All writer's share is yours. We wouldn't be selling your music like a record label would. Eliminating the need for us to collect other royalties. We add your music to the PRO and collect just the publisher's share.

The 55% is for any upfront fee that we collect

Q - Are there any submissions needed to be a part of the promo compilation CD?

For promo releases we go by the best tracks submitted or signed during a specific time period like a month or a season like summer, halloween or Christmas or latest & greatest. Our team listens and votes on them. We also pick from tracks that are being licensed the most.

We also release promos for the purpose of including it in programming for in store entertainment, jukebox and others. Especially happen if you don't have major distribution for the tracks signed.

Such releases are marketed to our clients, used tp generate extra buzz and raise the value of your tracks . Sales or streaming revenue from those releases will go directly to you. You can collect those royalties through Sound Exchange and others.

Q - In Section 7 of the contract, it says that you can edit/change the title of the track without my approval. Will you notify me if there are changes made? I'm thinking about how this could impact the PROs.

You are basically giving us the right to create previews, the right to license part of your songs, the right to use a portion of your tracks for promotional purposes including sonic enhancement, volume etc...  You are granting our clients the right to use portions of the tracks, change volume or enhance sonically if needed. For instance, for broadcast, the volume of the music can not exceed a specified loudness. We don't fundamentally change the tracks nor do we grant such rights our clients.

Additionally we don't change the title, we simply add the SP identifier at the end of your tracks when we register them with the PROs to eliminate confusion.

Q - What format music do you accept?

We accept only accept WAV and AIFF - We prefer Wav mastered at 24bit 48000 Hz or above

Q - How do i send you music

We do not accept unsolicited music. To submit masters after signing the agreement, please upload or drag and drop using this link

Q - I understand you are wanting to sign content on an exclusive deal but with you being a new venture, I'm concerned about giving you exclusivity over tracks when you have no proven track record so to speak

Sead Publishing is founded by musicians, who have gotten several placements both in sync and with artists including Grammy winning artists over the years. All of whom at one point or another had publishing deals that allowed them them to understand what the industry is looking for. The reason we are asking for exclusive per track is simple. It gives us greater power to shop your music. For instance when we pitch your song "more than maybe" and it is chosen for a sync placement, there would be no ambiguity as to who the publisher is. Eliminating the chances of your tracks getting rejected simply because the supervisor or client couldn't figure out which publisher to pay. This happens a lot under non exclusive agreements. Where multiple publishers have the same track, creating confusion that leads to the track getting dropped. For that reason, we only ask for one year. After the first year you can review and make a determination to either continue or terminate. We shop every new addition to the catalog on a weekly basis directly to our network of supervisors, blogs, production studios, game developers, influencers and more. Our focus is on quality not quantity.

Q - Your FAQ says you retain the ownership of the song and master recording. Does that mean composers / producers / artists have to sign over their copyrights? I couldn't find a sample contract so I couldn't find out myself.

Yes for clients. Explaining that their purchase is a license not an ownership. We retain ownership of what is created by our in- house team. And you retain ownership of your creation as a signed artist producer or composer.

*When you sign any publishing agreement you technically and implicitly, temporarily allow the publisher to exploit the copyright on your behalf for the term of the agreement. Our agreement is not on our site.

Signing up on the site does not automatically sign you to it. We send out agreements individually to be e-signed. sign up or send links and email.

Q - If you offer 30 day free trial subscriptions, how are payments calculated for the composers / producers / artists? Or do we suffer from free uses / zero payment because of that?

The tracks allowed to be downloaded during the trial are made in house, additionally the trial is introductory offer. You suffer no loss. Payment is calculated in two groups (not all tracks are available under subscription) - Traditional/sync licensing & subscription, the latter, taking into account ; tracks downloaded during a month and subscription fees generated that month.

We conduct extensive research on various productions studios, content and production schedules.

 We are new but we also know that serious players pay attention to the new kid on the block who has a focus on quality and understands its audience.