Here are quick answers to our most frequently asked questions


We work with The Harry Fox Agency and Rumblefish to track all our music across the web - We encourage you to buy the right license - Thank you for your continued support!

How come the prices are so high??

The prices shown are the non exclusive buyout price if you do not want to purchase a license. Pay the price and use as you want, we’ll even send you the stems upon request - email

Purchase a license and pay a lower price. The final price you pay for licensing our music is usually much lower and depends on the license you buy.

Why do i need to buy a license?

It’s simple, we are a music publishing company that only licenses music for use on various media. If you choose not to buy a license, you may pay our non exclusive buyout price displayed on each of our tracks. Use as you wish but on a non exclusive basis and no broadcast allowed.

Do i own the recordings i purchase?

No. We license the music to you for specific permitted uses. We retain ownership of the song and master recording.

Can I use the music I purchase through the site in any way that I want?

You may only use the music in a manner provided for in the license that you obtain. The most basic license available here permits non-exclusive use only on a web site. If you need to use the music in some other way, like in a multi-media ad campaign, a television program, or a movie, please contact us for pricing.

Do i own the edited versions that i paid for?

No. We do, you are a licensee. We retain ownership of the song and master recording.