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How to complete a split sheet

Split sheets should contain the following information:

  1. The name of each writer as it will appear on the credits and PRO registrations

  2. Physical mailing address of each writer, so that a copy can be mailed to everyone by the person who brought the writers together

  3. Capacity in which the writers are working (e.g. producer or writer)

  4. Percentage of the song written or composed by each person involved. Producers will have a 100 percent pie, and so will songwriters. For example, if there are two producers, then each one gets 50 percent of the producer’s share, and the same goes for songwriters. I’ve found that dividing everything evenly between writers and producers greatly reduces the chances for arguments to erupt before the song is even registered with the PROs.

  5. List of each person’s respective PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)

  6. Publishing company (if none, just leave it blank)

  7. Birthdate and signature of each writer

  8. Social security number or EIN (an EIN requires you to register your name or company as a sole proprietorship with the IRS)

  9. Everyone's signature

Once the split sheet is completed, the designated registrant – the person who brought the writers together – must print up a copy and mail it to each writer’s physical address. This should be done prior to registering the song on the PRO website(s). The designated registrant is also responsible for filling out the publishing splits (percentages) on the PRO websites. Once this is done, every writer must be contacted to notify him or her of the song’s registration.

It is my hope that every songwriter will take responsibility for his or her ownership in a creative work. It should never be an afterthought when you’re relying on publishing income to put food on the table. 

by Shaine Freeman - Source

Download a Song Publishing Split Sheet and other entertainment legal forms . This page offers free legal document templates from artist agreements, split sheets, cue sheets, intellectual property assignments, copyright license agreement, creative releases, work made for hire, submission releases, NDA and more