Client FAQ

Are all your tracks available for subscription?

Nearly 70% of all our tracks are available for subscription licensing. Our team is hard at work to make our entire catalog available for subscription

How do i sign up for subscription?

Our subscriptions are segmented to cover almost all the work that you do. For uses not addressed by our subscription or for any questions or help picking a subscription please reach out to client relation at

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we offer a 30 days trial for all subscriptions.

Do you have yearly subscriptions?

For now we are only able to offer monthly subscriptions. We hope to make a yearly subscription available soon.

Do you offer Month to month subscription?

You are in luck. We currently only support monthly subscriptions.

Can I edit a song to fit my project?

You can edit the song to fit your project as long as you are not fundamentally changing the track, remixing or adding instrumentation. For remixing, chopping, adding or removing instrumentation, you must either purchase a revision package (Edit To Fit) or obtain written permission from Sead Publishing

Do I need to take down my video if i don’t renew my subscriptions?

No. License once use forever is a real thing. However a two month minimum subscription is required to keep your perpetual license.

Do you watermark tracks i download through my subscription?

Yes. To insure proper tracking especially for broadcast. We also want to make sure our artists and writers are properly compensated. This way they can keep on making great music for all to use!

Why do i need to purchase a custom license or a single track license if i already have a subscription?

Over half of our catalog is covered by your subscription. We make this option available if you have a subscription plan that does not allow you to commercialize your video. This option also allows you to license tracks that are not available under subscription. For broadcast you will need a custom license.

What if there are two or more brands or logos in a video?

You will need a custom license to cover both brands. Submit a custom license request.

Do i have to fill a project detail each time?

Yes. Project details are important to validate you license.

What are sheets?

Cue sheets are the primary means by which performing rights organizations track the use of music in films and TV. Without cue sheets, it would be nearly impossible for such composers and publishers to be compensated for their work. An accurately filled out cue sheet is a log of all the music used in a production. You can submit your cue sheets to

What’s your return policy?

In the event that the composition or master are defective in any way, Licensee’s only remedy shall be a refund of the license fee.

Do i own the recordings i purchase?

No. We license the music to you for specific permitted uses. We retain ownership of the song and master recording that we produce in-house. Our producers, artists and composers also retain ownership of their copyright.

Can I use the music I purchase through the site in any way that I want?

You may only use the music in a manner provided for in the license that you obtain. The most basic license available here permits non-exclusive use only on a web site. If you need to use the music in some other way, like in a multi-media ad campaign, a television program, or a movie, please contact us for pricing.

Do i own the edited versions that i paid for?

No. We do, you are a licensee. We retain ownership of the song and master recording.

We offer standard licenses included in your subscription broken down into 13 categories listed below. For broadcast, advertisement campaigns, blockbuster video game, theatrical releases and any use not listed below, contact us at

*License perpetuity begins after the second month of subscription

Easy Music licensing of original music for all media.

Audio Projects 
Find the right sound for any audio project. Anything from exhibitions to eBooks and beyond.

Corporate CD/DVD 
A great way of getting the right music for your corporate presentations and enhancing your corporate image.

Feature Film 
Full-length feature films with a wide release

Live Events 
Great if you’re planning a festival, conference or a party and you need the right music to go along with it.

Music Compilation 
If you’re putting together a compilation album, you can find the songs and license them all in one place.

Sample and Remix & Beat Purchase
Perfect if you’re working on a track and need some fresh sounds. or simply like the beat and want to purchase it.

Telephony / Music on Hold 
Perfect for putting your customers in the right mood while they’re on hold.

TV and Radio Advertising 
Get your audience’s attention with the right sound, whether it’s for a short one off radio advertisement or a whole TV advertising campaign.

TV and Radio Advertising 
Get your audience’s attention with the right sound, whether it’s for a short one off radio advertisement or a whole TV advertising campaign.

Video Clip/Webisode 
If you want to upload videos to the web and have great music in them, this is perfect for you. This is also great to have as part of a web series or “Webisode.”

Video Game 
Ideal for getting great music to support the latest video graphic designs, whether you’re designing a flash online video game or a fully fledged game with a wide release.

Perfect if you’re looking for some great music for your website or your photo slideshow.

Beat Purchase

We make all of our music available for use by artists looking to broaden their range and explore new sounds. Add one of our tracks to your new album or reach out to us for a fresh composition